WARNING! This post is rated PG-13

An old college friend and I talked at a wedding last summer and she was working on a big kitchen remodel.  She wanted me to create a piece for her.  I said "Great!  I'd love to!"  I heard from her in March and she was ready for me to get started on her piece.   We Facetimed around her kitchen and talked color, etc...
I had not really planned to share it with you all because it's pretty graphic in the use of the F word.  In fact 500 times I wrote the F word.  Why?  Why would I write that?  Because that's what she requested!   I think you all know me well enough to know that I was pretty hesitant to take on this task.  But, I have to say it was pretty darn fun!   And the best part is that she loves it!   It's hanging proudly in her kitchen.  Although better yet, it has brought joy to someone in pain.  
Yesterday, on the day I was installing the giant LOVE piece in Kansas City I received a text from my F word friend.   It made me so happy to hear from her and learn that this piece created laughter from a very sad friend.  Here's what her text said:  One of my best friends came in town yesterday because a good friend of ours is very sick and another good friend of hers has a son who is recovering from a weird illness and she is helping them out.  I was able to see her for about an hour.  Obviously her trip to KC is not a joyous one.  She came to my house so she could see my new kitchen and laugh about all the brain power and moola it took for a room that I barely use and only walk through when I'm refilling the dogs water bowl.  I went to get something and when I came back she was staring at the fg heart.  She started laughing.  At a time when there's so much pain to deal with, that one piece brought so much joy.  Thanks again for creating.  
Well as you can imagine tears filled my eyes knowing that my artwork made someone happy.   Being an artist has pushed me in ways I can't ever express.  In fact, I have a hard time expressing myself in words so I think that's why I paint.  

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